Cordless Hot Glue Gun,Fast Preheating Gun Kit with 30 Pcs Sticks,USB Rechargeable Melt Tools for Quick Home Repairs, Arts,

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Color Black & Red Brand Belita Amy Style Rechargeable,Safety Item Weight 1.2 Pounds Product Dimensions 5.59″L x 1.97″W x 4.33″H Plastic 【Automatic Power-Off System】Added intelligent safety system, it will power off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity to protect the safety of the user and save energy simultaneously. Moreover, the cordless hot glue gun has…


Product Description

A necessary tool for a colorful DIY life

An excellent project starts with a wonderful hot glue gun with glue sticks.

Drip-free Nozzle & Leak-Proof Ring — Can effectively avoid the situation of spills and prevent leakage of the glue.

Long Standby Time — 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery ensures a long standby time.

1 Min Fast Preheating — Update smart temperature control design enables it to remain constant temperature.

Automatic power-off system — It will power off after 10 minutes for safety and saving power.

Safety Design — The PTC heating component and the built-in fuse ensure that you can work with it safely. By automatically controlling the temperature, the mini hot glue gun can keep the temperature constant and prevent overheating.

Wonderful for different DIY projects

Easy to use


Follow these steps and enjoy your wonderful crafting!

– 1. Insert the glue stick.

– 2. Press and hold the switch for 2 seconds. Red light and green light shine at the same time.

– 3. After 1 minute, the red light will change to green. The equipment is ready.

– 4. Pull the joystick to start. (It is forbidden to remove the remaining glue sticks during use.)

– 5. Press and hold the switch for 2 seconds to turn it off. (In the process of crafting, the glue gun will automatically turn off in 10 minutes of inactivity to protect the safety of the user.)

– 6. The red light is on when charging; the green light is on when fully charged. The red light is on when there is no electricity. The red light flashes 3 times and then goes out.

2 LED Indicator Light


– 1. The product uses a charger with output voltage of 5V and current of 1-2A, so it requires the voltage and current to meet the needs and if the actual voltage and current are lower than this standard, it will spend more hours charging.

– 2. Do not remove the remaining glue sticks or pull out the unused glue stick during use , it will damage the glue gun. Besides, the glue stick can be only be replaced after the glue gun is power off.

– 3. When the glue stick is not long enough to advance, you need to add a new glue stick.

– 4. Remember to turn off the power when not in use.

– 5. When the glue gun needs to be placed during work, first put down the bracket and then stand it on a flat surface.

– 6. Do not directly touch the nozzle and hot glue during use to avoid scalding.

Automatic Power-Off System

Long Standby Time

3 Protective Finger Caps

Automatic Power-Off System

With upgraded technology, we add a intelligent safety system for hot glue gun, so it will power off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity to protect the safety of the user and save energy simultaneously. In the the process of crafting, if it automatically shuts down in 10 minutes of inactivity ,it is normal and you just need to turn on again.

Long Standby Time

Compared to lots of glue guns with cords, our hot glue gun kit is more convenient, it uses a charger with an output voltage of 5V and current of 1-2A and is equipped with an upgraded 2200mAh premium lithium-ion battery, so it only takes 2 hours to fully charge and can work for up to 100 minutes.

3 Protective Finger Caps

Comes with 3 finger covers in different sizes to fit your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Made of safe silicone they can withstand high temperature and prevent scalding. On the other hand, it requires glue sticks with a diameter of 7mm or less, and when it occurs the glue sticks remain in the glue gun and could not remove, just need to use a diameter of stick that is less than 6mm to remove.


1. Q: How to start the glue gun for crafts?

– A: Press the on/off button and hold it for 2~3 seconds to turn on the machine.

2. Q: How to charge? How long does it take to fully charge?

– A: Put it on the charging base, plug in the USB charging cable to charge (the indicator light turns red). When the charging indicator light turns green after 2 hours (theoretical value), it indicates that the lithium battery is fully charged.

3. Q: How long does it take to charge after using this product?

– A: After fully charged, It could be used intermittently for 100 minutes or continuously for 30 minutes if you keep pressing the trigger. If the lights turn red and dim, the hot melt glue gun needs to be recharged.

4. Q: Why doesn’t the indicator light turn on when charging? So it can’t charge in?

– A: If the indicator light is not on, please check whether the glue gun is aligned with the charging point of the charging base.

– B: If the alignment still does not light up, please leave it to charge for five minutes, after five minutes the red light will turn on.

– C: The reason that the indicator light is completely off is that the battery is completely consumed, and it takes a while to recharge and the indicator light.

5. Q: Why is there no glue?

– A: Answer: The preheating time is insufficient or the switch status is wrong; if the gun body does not heat up after preheating, the heating element is malfunctioning; in addition, if it is not used for a long time when the power is on, it will also cause the glue stick to carbonize (scorch) and block the gun nozzle, It can be used normally by dredging with thin iron wire or fine needle.

6. Q: Why pour glue/leak glue?

– A: The glue stick of the applicable specification is not used; or the trigger has been compressed without preheating before use; excessive/frequent compression of the trigger during use will cause the heat energy to fail to keep up with the performance, resulting in glue leakage.

7. Q: Why is it dripping?

– A: During preheating, the glue stick changes from solid to liquid, and the shape changes. It is normal to drop glue within 1-2 minutes. Different glue sticks have different melting points. It is recommended to use 7mm glue sticks.

Use tips

1. When you use it for the first time, it is recommended to charge it fully before use

2. The glue gun is suitable for glue sticks with a diameter of 7mm or less

Important information

Bulb Voltage

3 volts

Additional information


‎Black & Red


‎Belita Amy



Product Dimensions

‎5.59"L x 1.97"W x 4.33"H

Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎3.7 Volts

Compatible Material


Part Number

‎Cordless Glue Gun

Item Weight

‎1.17 pounds, ‎1.2 Pounds

Country of Origin


Item model number

‎Cordless Glue Gun


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)





Item Package Quantity



‎Inside; Amateur

Included Components


Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion



Date First Available

March 12, 2021


‎Belita Amy

9 reviews for Cordless Hot Glue Gun,Fast Preheating Gun Kit with 30 Pcs Sticks,USB Rechargeable Melt Tools for Quick Home Repairs, Arts,

  1. Shea R.

    It’s a nice grip and easy to load the glue stix and the lighting for needs charged to in use waiting for heat and when ready is very bright and very well marked located right on top It’s light weight but very sturdy build when using the heat gun the trigger helps keep the amount of glue to what you want for working with your materials

  2. Amazon Customer

    I love that this is cordless, the only part that was annoying is that it shuts off after a few minutes (for safety reasons obviously). This had me turn it on again and again, so the project took a bit longer

  3. Lisa S.

    Didn’t test this when I got earlier in the year when I received it. Now sitting down to do holiday crafting and glue gun won’t heat up. My mistake to not test it when I received it and too late to return. Don’t make my mistake, test it immediately if you choose to purchase.Edit: My glue gun does work but it took a long time to get its initial charge. I wasn’t waiting long enough for that. However, I find this glue gun to be fussy and shuts off rather quickly and then need to turn it on again and wait for it to heat. If you are doing small amounts of hot gluing and need for a quick project you’re probably fine. If you need it for a more extended time as I do I find it too fussy to wait for it’s charge cycling.

  4. jlar

    I haven’t bought a glue gun in years. So maybe that’s why I am so impressed? Cordless makes a huge difference!. Plus the fact this gun is solid, well made, yet still lightweight. It has a stand to rest the gun between each time you squeeze out the glue which makes it super easy. I think this. is worth the price!Pleasantly surprised.

  5. Ellen

    This glue gun is on the smaller side, which is nice for those little projects. Comes with a variety of glue sticks which is handy. Very easy to use, no dripping while the gun is heating up. My only issue is that it does nor seem to hold a charge, meaning I need to heat it up for each and every use.

  6. Michele W.

    This product does not work and I cannot return it!OOPS!!! I was wrong, as it turns out I misinterpeted the instructions and found that I was reading the lights incorrectly. When the device is in the cradle it is charging the battery and the green/red light indicate the charging status only. Once removed from the cradle, press the on button… you get a green and red light, and the unit is heating at this point. Once you have 2 green lights… you are good to go! I like the cordless feature and have used it daily.

  7. Christine Sadler

    Nice n light weight to move around for my crafts

  8. katelyn

    I loved it but unfortunately it only lasted a month or two! Perfect for setting up my classroom and decorating my door. The battery lasted much longer than I thought it would until the charger stopped working. When I sit it on the charger nothing happens!

  9. Andrew Horvat

    Broke it in 2 hoursGlue feeding mechanism stopped working after 2 hours or 4 sticks of glue

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