Full Size Hot Glue Gun, 150 Watts with 6 Copper Nozzles Temperature Adjustable Craft Repair Tool Professional Melting Glue Gun

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Color Set2(glue Gun + 6 Nozzles) Brand BOSWELL Style Watts Item Weight 1.2 Pounds Product Dimensions 7.7″L x 1.5″W x 5.9″H 【FAST HEATING】-150 watts high power and advanced heating system make it only take 1 – 3 minutes to heat up and fully ready to work. 【TEMPERATURE ADJUSTABLE】-Build in a temperature dial, you can change…


Product Description

Brand Boswell
Model Number BS778
Working Power 15 – 150w
Rated Voltage 110v – 220v
Number of Nozzles 6 Copper Nozzles
Heating Time 1 – 3mins
Adjustable Temperature 284 – 428℉ (140 – 220℃)
Applicable Glue Sticks 7/16″ (11mm)


3 Exclusive Copper Nozzles out of Total 6

small bore nozzle

long tube nozzle

wide fan nozzle

Small Bore Nozzle

Small Bore Nozzle – Small glue amount, for accurate crafts or small projects.

Long Tube Nozzle

Long Tube Nozzle – Average glue amount, for hard-to-reach areas.

Wide Fan Nozzle

Wide Fan Nozzle – Large glue amount, for flat surface pasting.

Glue Gun Features

Copper Nozzle

Temp Control


Copper Nozzle

Copper nozzle works much better than aluminium nozzle, it has great performance on durability and heat conduction. There are total 6 copper nozzles in the package.

Temperature Controller

Temperature controller provides more accurate operation, you can adjust the heating temperature from low to high by turning it.

Leakproof Rubber Inlet

Leakproof rubber inlet can prevent glue back-flow, it steadies the glue sticks when using, no worry about making a mess anymore.

Product Details

Package All Items


Important information


150 watts

Bulb Voltage

110 volts

Additional information


‎Set2(glue Gun + 6 Nozzles)





Product Dimensions

‎7.7"L x 1.5"W x 5.9"H

Power Source

‎Corded Electric


‎150 watts


‎110 Volts

Compatible Material


Item Weight

‎1.2 Pounds, ‎1.21 pounds


‎ABS, Copper, Steel

Item Package Quantity


Special Features


Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

March 4, 2019



12 reviews for Full Size Hot Glue Gun, 150 Watts with 6 Copper Nozzles Temperature Adjustable Craft Repair Tool Professional Melting Glue Gun

  1. Kimberly Moats

    This glue gun looks enticing in the photos but it isn’t what you think you are getting. Having different tips is nice but the downside to that is, changing the tips is not easy. You can’t take one off and put another tip on. The glue is in the tip and connected to the glue and it won’t come off. The gun has to be hot so you can unscrew the tip and put the other one on. The glue gets all over and it also leaks and leaves all these small drops of glue everywhere and makes a mess just sitting there on the table. I am not satisfied with this product. There is one last comment. The size of the glue gun is heavy and bulky for my small hands. It would be better for people who have bigger hands.

  2. Gabby Tess

    This fancy and impressive hot glue gun has become my crafting marvel, igniting my creativity and making every project a masterpiece.What sets this hot glue gun apart is its remarkable versatility. Equipped with different tips, it opens up a world of possibilities for my crafting endeavors. Whether I’m working on delicate details or larger projects, this glue gun has the perfect tip to suit my needs, allowing me to achieve precise and professional-looking results.The quality of this glue gun is top-notch. The sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable tool for countless projects to come. It heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature, providing a seamless and hassle-free crafting experience.The sleek design and attention to detail make this glue gun a standout. It exudes elegance and sophistication, elevating my crafting space and sparking inspiration. It’s not just a functional tool but also a visually pleasing addition to my crafting arsenal.What impresses me the most is the precision and control this glue gun offers. The comfortable grip and easy trigger mechanism allow for smooth and controlled application of glue, ensuring clean lines and minimal mess. It’s a joy to work with, unleashing my creativity with every squeeze.If you’re a crafting enthusiast seeking a hot glue gun that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further. This fancy and impressive tool will elevate your projects to new heights. With its versatility, quality, and impeccable design, it’s a must-have for every creative soul. Embrace the possibilities and let your imagination run wild with this crafting marvel.

  3. Amazon Customer

    This glue gun works really well with rc 4×4 hard bodies being able to change what temperature you need for the job is a really nice feature. Changing the tip out to the ones that come with it is simple. It is worth the buy.

  4. Hummingbug

    It failed just a few days after the return period. I always wait till it is fully heated so I didn’t press the trigger while the glue was still solid. So don’t blame it on the user. I use glue guns several times each week for my Etsy shop models, so I’m used to using them. This one had the shortest life of any I have ever used. I really liked the long, narrow nozzle. However, the tip seems to be too far from the heat source so the glue doesn’t flow from it. I really wished it had worked out. The people who like it probably don’t use that nozzle.Okay, I contacted the seller and they responded immediately. A new glue gun is on its way to me. Since I had nothing to lose, I took the original one apart to look inside. The front most chamber had no glue in it. All the old glue had been used or dripped out. The new stick was getting caught and blocked where it should enter the heating area inside the front chamber. There was the slightest step up to the chamber. I could press the trigger all I wanted, but no glue could get past the threshold. If I had know maybe I could have poked it up and over the threshold with a screwdriver or a pencil. I shouldn’t have to do that, but it should work if you are stuck and need a glue gun to work with. I have upgraded my review to 4 stars for the prompt response and immediate replacement.I will write again only if the new one is a problem. No more review means it is fine. I hope this helps someone.Ad on: I received a new glue gun within 24 hours and it is working well. This company was really responsive to my comlplaint and fixed things very quickly so I will leave the 4 star review.

  5. Larry

    I got it for the temperature control. No idea if the settings are accurate but at least I can adjust for different uses. Would be nice if I didn’t have to use a flat blade to adjust the setting. I’ve got some foot long glue sticks that make using it much better. The short ones always run out very quickly and usually at the wrong point. The longest nose piece has worked well for getting in to tighter places.

  6. PreD

    Love the duel control, and boy does it get hot. Def get you some silicone finger tip covers if you don’t already have some. sheeweee, the burns are for real! 😉 I also love the little orange cover that comes with it. Nice add! The stand it comes with seems a little cheesy to me, but, it hasn’t fallen over yet and I’m a mess when doing crafts, so if it can stand up to my whirlwind, you should be fine! 😉 I did read some reviews about drips, and, if you look closely, glue guns come in diff mm sizes as do glue sticks. Get the correct size sticks for your gun and you should be fine. I would recommend and purchase this again.


    This is my favorite glue gun. I have many. I sculpt with hot glue! This heats up so high. And the tip variety is outstanding. Please be mindful of the flow and temp when you have a needlepoint tip on it. I had my temp really high and was pushing really hard. You must go slow with needle tip. I ended up pushing so hard the glue pushed out backward and jammed upthe whole glue gun. I was snle to unscrew it and fix it be pulling out the messy glue back flow. This was a user error so I’m not docking stars for this. Just be careful not to force it to hard on those tiny tips. It can get scorching hot which is great for anyone who uses a high flow mass amount of high temp glue like I often do. The temp control is insanely bad though. Who wants to have to use tool to adjust the temp each time? Its the worst! Still….not knocking stars on this because the rest of the qualities makes up for the poorly designed temp control. Love these tips! Love the wattage!

  8. Jorge arturo reyes rodriguez

    Super efeciente Es una herramienta excelente

  9. Daniel C

    Smokin’ Hot!the gun it self is impressive, 2 to 3 minutes and it’s ready to work. I’ve only played with it to test it’s abilities, depending on the glue stick used, however my test was with a brand name and premium glue stick. yes the glue comes out smoking and damn near liquid with some tiny bubbles from being boiling hot. on a test piece of PE the glue is definitely hot enough to melt it and hopefully bond this stuff. I have been on a 1 year mission to find something that will work with this terrible polymer. The gun is great, remember it’s the stick that will make the difference, cheap stick, cheap job, don’t blame the gun. service life yet to be determined.

  10. J hegedus

    This glue gun has balls that clank!!!I love the adjustable heat setting and long trigger pull, and most especially the different brass tips that are nice and beefy and not going to break if it gets dropped.


    Me gusto bastanteMuy útil por sus puntas finas, lo que no me gusto es que la considero un poco grande para trabajar

  12. Torill P.

    WORKS GREATI use this glue gun for all my crafts and it works great

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