Glue Gun – 100W Hot Glue Gun with 10Pcs High Adhesion Hot Glue Sticks for Car Dent Repair, Home Improvement, Quick Daily Repair

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Color Blue Brand Manelord Style Trigger Power Source 100w Wattage 100 watts Quick Heating System: 100W hot melt glue gun, Featured with premium thermal heating system, high quality ceramic PTC heating chip, only takes 3 minutes to preheat and release glue. Improved Process: Glue gun has independent power switch, status indicator, anti-drip/anti-back glue, Protective Nozzle…


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Product Description

Best Hot Melt Glue Gun is used for different materials: wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, rubber, leather, textile, fabric and paper.

Particularly, in hand-made, kids toys, PC boards, jewelry, shoes production, electronics and industry.

glue gun


Can be used with most materials

Fast heating and melting

Easy and comfortable use

Includes 10 hot glue sticks

Made of durable materials

glue gun

Glue Sticks

10Pcs industrial hot glue gun sticks for DIY small craft and quick repairs in home and office.

Non-toxic material Melt Temperature: 80±5℃

Product Size: 11*27(mm)

Color: Yellow/Black

Quantity: 10pcs

Manelord GLUE GUN

glue gun

glue gun

glue gun


Material: Plastic & Aluminum

Working Power: 100W

Working Voltage: 100-240V

Warm-up Time: 1-3 minutes

Cable Length: 50 inches

Glue Sticks:11mm/0.43″(Diameter), 27cm/10.63″ (Length)

Color: Blue

Glue Gun Size: 5.1 inch x 4.3 inch


1*100W Glue Gun

5 Pcs Yellow Glue Sticks

5 Pcs Black Glue Sticks


1.Prepare the glue stick and check the power

2.Insert the glue stick socket

3.Heating 3`5minutes

4.Insert the new one to pushing the remaining short stick .please note 5.that don’t push out of the glue stick from hot glue gun .

Additional information







Power Source



‎100 watts


‎240 Volts

Compatible Material

‎Wood, Ceramic, Paper, Fabric

Item Weight

‎1.08 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎13.58 x 9.45 x 2.24 inches

Country of Origin


Manufacturer Part Number




Date First Available

May 7, 2019



13 reviews for Glue Gun – 100W Hot Glue Gun with 10Pcs High Adhesion Hot Glue Sticks for Car Dent Repair, Home Improvement, Quick Daily Repair

  1. TGO

    I love this thing. While it’s not the highest quality product, it’s still pretty darn good. I’ve this hot glue gun for Home improvement projects, arts and crafts, anyone to build some Cardboard furniture for my 2 year old son. This thing has been quick heating, easy to use comma and consistently reliable. This is the kind of tool I think should be in everybody’s home. Even if you don’t do arts and crafts like I do, I’m certain that you will find some use for this. In a few months I’ve had it, have probably used it at least a dozen times, including to adhere motion detecting lights to my garage, which is proved exceptionally difficult until I use the hot glue gun, which is the only thing that has made its day. I highly recommend this product and encourage anyone to buy one who is even remotely thinking about it.

  2. Sam

    This gun works well and has good solid feel to its construction. I bought it mostly to secure various components and modifications on circuit boards from vibration that will be used in harsh environments. It works well and once up to full temp (which takes a little longer than I would like, but its by no means a big hassle) it will seriously push some glue. Like many glue guns it sometimes will have some leak out the tip when not being used, but I have seen much worse than this one. The included black glue sticks are quite serious. I learned this the hard way after using them too attach something I planned on removing later. It was not easy to remove. Usually that’s the intended goal so this is a good thing in my book. Use it in moderation though, because the black glue is even harder to cut/shave down with a knife than what I’m used too dealing with. Overall, excellent performing glue gun.

  3. Chris Black

    . Slide tool seems solid and nice. However, the glue gun does not heat up. Light comes on but no heat at all.

  4. Daniel Alvarado

    I wasn’t sure how I would react to it but I could say it is Mott bad for the price. You have to kinda figure out how to use it in order for it to work. I tried 3 times and I almost gave up.. then I waited for glue to dry more and bam, it started to pull them out. The clear glue is much better.The pillar, right above the door is a hard piece of metal. That’s where my dent is on my 4runner. I managed to pull it almost to the curve of it with this tool. I would say it’s goodThe only thing I dislike is the dang glue gun, it sucks. You could use another of same size if you have one

  5. Heather Rizzo

    Works well on larger dents useless on small ones. Tried several different shapes and sizes didnt work.

  6. J. Gats

    the dent is still there lol

  7. Jeremiah Shastid

    Surprised at the quality of the slide hammer. Smooth action, flawless finish and machining. Everything else was top quality also. Price was definitely lower than I would have expected for items made like these.

  8. ColaMom

    This is ok for light use, but really not what I needed for some larger sized dents. I ended up buying a stud welder/puller which was MUCH heavier duty and worked well for me. But, I was hoping to use this tool and avoid having to strip down to the metal and also having to paint.Here are some key points about this kit:- The package actually contains a small glue gun and several sticks of glue (both black and clear). This was NOT in the item description, so I purchased the 100W glue gun bundle and sticks for an extra $10 or so. The 100W gun is much better than the one included in the kit.- There are 2 kinds of glue sticks. One is clear colored and one is black. The black glue was of no use for me. It’s too tacky and just didn’t stick well. It was also more difficult to remove. The clear glue was much stronger and easier to use. However, it would constantly come loose before the dents were pulled out. Once the glue was applied, I tried leaving it sit for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes…it didn’t seem to make a difference. I tried so many times to make this work, but it just made me frustrated in the end.-The T-Bar puller weight is sufficient, although somewhat light weight. But the problem is that the glue kept giving up before I could really put any force on it. The red pro glue tabs are easier to use and gripped well to the puller, but they are not for smaller dents. The puller attachment for small dents slips out very easy. I ended up hitting my hand on the wall several times because it would slip out. When it didn’t slip out, the glue would come undone. Having to clean up the glue so many times off the car and the tool just got old.Just to be clear, I did have some success on a couple very minor dents. I even got the larger red tab puller to stick a few times where it moved the metal some. But as an overall kit, it was a disappointment for me.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Heats up quick. Clean gluingAmazing glue gun. Heats up very quick. I found there was not a lot of “webbing” it left when u take the gun away after gluing something. Be careful though!!!! I under estimated the heat of this bad boy and burnt my baby finger very bad lol. I have glued my finger with many other glue guns and never burnt myself bad, this one though is super hot and fantastic. Love it. Best purchase yet. Definitely recommend!!!!

  10. Vaitinadan S


  11. Amazonian

    PatienceKnew nothing about removing dents other than when I take a motor into a body shop and get charged £150 plus.This dent happened because I went to fill up at a petrol station and on opening the door I failed to realise there was a brick wall sticking out by the pump – bang – nice dent on a 3 year old car bought from new :-(As soon as I got home I tried to use the touch up paint to protect it – hence the remaining mark.Quoted £200 plus on this occasion – looked up amazon and found this tool.Did not realise the 1st photo was out of focus – sorry folks.Already had rubbing alcohol / Isopropanol alcohol which I use to clean the rubbers on the Wiper blades plus it gets rid of tar marks on the body work.1st I cleaned the dented area as per instructions – got my glue gun out and loaded with the yellow glue which appeared softer so less adhesion = safer for my 1st attempts. Too impatient for the glue to set but I still got some good pulls on the dent – using alcohol to dissolve remains of glue – then restart gluing (using the smallest and 2nd smallest blue tabs).This gave me more confidence with what was happening – by 5th pull it was almost gone, next day & 6th go, I waited for a full 10 minutes this time and blew on the tab / glue area to cool it more. The day itself was cooler and I found the tab held much better.I started pulling gently at first a few times and then an aggressive pull which free’s the tab off and wow! – the dent was gone, plus i didn’t think it needed any of the tapping down tools – just the original marks where I had used the orange touch up and clear lacquer.I am very happy – just wish i had NOT used the touch up paint from the outset but had left it until afterward for a cleaner finish. I’ll know next time, and with my record, ‘there will be that next time’.Notes:1) I watched the YouTube vids to see clearly what to do and what to look for though the instructions are good.2) You need Isopropanol alcohol 99+ % to loosen and dissolve the glue & for cleaning – available on-line.3) The glue grips better on a cooler day.4) not used the black glue yet – but i bet i could have done the job in 3 attempts instead of 6 ?? but as mentioned, I’ve never done this before so wanted to go easy.Negatives?Check that the nuts holding this puller together . . are firmly on & secure! – twice in using this i found the ‘self lock’ nuts would work their way loose & fall off ! So check those nuts each time.The upper fixed handle, also works loose due to the constant squeezing / twisting down on it.All said and done – there’s no getting away from the fact this does a fantastic job and has paid for itself already.

  12. Richard W.

    Great value product. Good for smaller jobs.This is a great value product. My father, who is disabled, had managed to drive his car into a parking bollard, resulting in several large dents in the side of the passenger dot and near side front wing. He leases his car through a mobility scheme, and therefore would be charged the cost of repair when the lease comes to an end. I’m not saying that the form that would do the repairs would take advantage and charge an arm and a leg for repairing this, but I didn’t want to have to take that chance. It will need some paintwork done anyway, so I wasn’t too worried about anything like that. The key thing was to try and get the body panels as close to original as possible.So, on to this product. I have seen Edd China on Wheeler Dealers use one of these when he was repairing some body work on one of their cars. Didn’t look too difficult, so I thought I would give it a go. Upon looking around the internet, and Amazon, for a slide hammer body repair kit I realised that there was a huge range, both in price and function. What I was looking for was something that didn’t cost too much money, but equally would do the job that I needed. This product fitted the bill perfectly. I am very happy with the kit, it is fairly basic, however it does exactly what I need. The only thing missing from it is a glue gun. Fortunately I knew somebody that and one and managed to borrow one for a short time. For anybody else buying this kit, it should be noted that a glue gun is an essential part and you will need to source one from somewhere.I also found that by using the right glue, I have been able to save and reuse the plastic tabs that need glueing to the body of the car.In short, they good quality product for the price. Perfect for my needs.

  13. Peter

    Exactly what I ordered.Exactly what I wanted. Yet to use it.

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