Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit with 30 Hot Glue Sticks

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Color Orange Brand Gorilla Style Mini Hot Glue Gun + 30ct Sticks Item Weight 11.7 Ounces Product Dimensions 10.5″L x 8.5″W x 2″H Glue gun features: Dual temp, precision nozzle, easy squeeze trigger, enhanced safety features, built-in stand, wide base, Do not pull glue sticks from glue gun. If changing glue, feed remainder of glue…



The Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Glue Gun is an ideal tool for crafts and repairs. It is light weight, with a comfort grip and a built-in stand making it easy to use. The easy squeeze trigger and long insulated nozzle allow a precise application on whatever project you are working on.

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks provide a long term hold even on hard to bond surfaces. The clear adhesive works with both high and low temperature glue guns and features an extended working time for added convenience for all types of projects. Gorilla Hot Glue is also weather-resistant and incredibly durable.

1. Plug into 120V electrical outlet.
2. Insert 0.27” diameter mini glue stick into back of glue gun through the feeder tube.
3. Allow glue gun to heat for approximately 5 minutes.
4. Squeeze trigger to dispense glue. More glue is dispensed by squeezing trigger repeatedly. Continue glue flow by adding additional glue sticks. Note: Requires approximately 2 glue sticks for initial start up.
5. Immediately press surfaces to be bonded together.
6. Do not pull glue sticks from glue gun. If changing glue, feed remainder of glue stick through glue gun.
7. Unplug after use and allow glue gun to cool completely before storing.

Dual Temp Glue Gun: Use High Temperature for Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass & more. Use Low Temperature for Floral, Fabric, Foam, Jewelry and more.

Glue gun will not heat up: Make sure glue gun is plugged into a 120V electrical outlet. If glue gun still does not work, the internal fuse of the glue gun may be blown and the glue gun is not repairable. Do not use.
Glue backs up at inlet tube: Glue sticks may be the wrong size. Use only the recommended 0.27” diameter mini glue sticks. Note: Do not elevate front of glue gun. Always use side stands or attached stand.

From the manufacturer

Hot Glue Gun

Mini Glue Gun

Mini Glue Gun

Mini glue gun

Important information

Bulb Voltage

120 volts

Additional information






‎Mini Hot Glue Gun + 30ct Sticks

Product Dimensions

‎10.5"L x 8.5"W x 2"H

Power Source

‎Corded Electric


‎120 Volts

Compatible Material


Part Number


Item Weight

‎11.7 Ounces

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎30 Sticks


‎Electronic Device, EVA


‎Mini Hot Glue Gun + 75ct Sticks

Item Package Quantity


Included Components

‎(1) 30 Count 4" Mini Hot Glue Sticks, (1) Dual Temp Mini Glue Gun

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

November 5, 2018


‎Gorilla, ‎The Gorilla Glue Company

13 reviews for Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit with 30 Hot Glue Sticks

  1. Maggie

    This little guy is amazing! Super easy to use, heats up quickly. Very easy to direct flow and put glue exactly where it is needed. Highly recommend!

  2. Chrystal Kay

    If I could give 10 stars, or better yet hearts, I would.I wanted to make some glitter foam ornaments. I had a glue gun to use. A big one, because I glue cardboard together and need wide coverage. Not good for small work. The nozzle is too large and there is no fine control. I bought a small one. Only the small one didn’t get hot enough. The foam would come apart as soon as you let go.Enter this Gorilla gun. It has a small nozzle, has a high and low temp. and is perfect for small work. As far as that goes you could use any small multi temp gun… but this one does NOT OOZE! You can loose half a stick of glue while you position a piece. Not with this gun. I can fuss with my piece all I want and even lay the gun on its side and not one drop comes out. This makes this a super gun to me. I have precise control, can get small portions of glue where I need it and not one drop is wasted while I work. I don’t know why this gun has this feature and my other two don’t but I am so glad I bought this one! Just to be on the safe side, I would get the gorilla glue sticks too. Bead work is a breeze and fixing small statues, jewelry and anything small or narrow, (glitter foam is 2mm thick) is made for this gun to assemble or repair.Is there a down side? I haven’t found one yet. The hardest part of using a glue should be waiting for it to be ready. Patience is good for that. That and plugging it in before you set up your work surface and assemble the parts you are going to work on. Remember… it will not start oozing glue waste before you are ready to use it.If I find any down side I will come back and post it here.I don’t think I will be doing that though. Great gun!Jan 28th 2021: well the trigger part went south. My son opened it up and placed a metal spacer to replace the plastic one, but the other end of the trigger part broke. The plastic innards are not as efficient as the heating part. I have been spoiled by the fact that the glue does not drip out and will leave the gun on too long. That is probably not good for the health of the inner plastic. I still love it and am getting a new one. I will be careful to not try to glue anything until I am SURE the gun is ready to use. I am sure that is part of my problem. A sure fire way, is to get some glue on the outside of the nozzle before it cools off. And not start using it the next time until the glue on the tip starts to drip off. This is still a great gun, I just have to learn to be a great user! Also, be sure to get the gorilla sticks too. Some of the medium ones i bought for the first non gorilla gun do not work as well. (I might give that first gun a chance again now that I have good glue to use in it, but this one will always be my favorite.)

  3. Serotta212

    It uses the thinner glue sticks which I bought in bulk with the gun. The gun works very well. It has a stand which is convenient. This hot glue gun works better than another one I have. The gorilla glue sticks are good. My only complaint which is very minor, is I wish the rubber protective part surrounding the tip fit a bit better and stayed in place, as It has a tendency to come off.

  4. Alyssa

    Great hot glue gun. Only used a few times so unsure if longevity, but it heats up quickly and works as expected.

  5. Huskymomma

    Love the glue gun. Like how it moves with me. Heats up fast, easy to use and has precision tip which is a must for a crafter! That being said, even though this is my favorite glue gun, it drips constantly. I set it down and it continues to drip for the entirely of my project use which could be 10 minutes to 5 hours and it drips the entire time. Is a HUGE waste of glue sticks which also are very expensive. For some strange reason small glue sticks costs a lot more than full size ones which make no sense at all. Also has a dual temp and a lot of small sized glue guns don’t. This is why I chose this one. If if didn’t drip consistently I would give it 10 stars ⭐️

  6. Angeles E Oakes

    I like that it stands on it’s own very well.I don’t like the way a 2nd glue stick doesn’t slip in easily to keep continuous gluing.It is better than many others I have used.

  7. Kelly L Peruzzi

    This is my second time purchasing this hot glue gun. I bought one for myself on the recommendation of a co worker and this one was bought for my super crafty niece. It is such an amazing glue gun. I never thought there was a difference in hot glue guns, but this one is truly wonderful!

  8. akin

    It is a high quality product for its price. We easily used it for my son’s project homework.

  9. GARZA

    Robusta y calienta rapidoMe gustó por la calidad de la marca , y no me decepcionó, trabaja bie

  10. Lee Neville

    Spend the moneySo much better than a dollar store version. Spend the extra bucks if you use a glue gun alot, it really makes a difference. You don’t get glue everywhere and the operate very consistent. Glue stick feeds well and the trigger is comfy. Haven’t used the glue sticks yet that came with it but it works well with the cheap ones we have.

  11. M. Brown

    I love this glue gun!Wow, what a difference when you get one with a finer tip. I had two others with flimsy stands attached below the point and after watching videos on TikTok i noticed that many are using guns that have superfine tips on them. So I ordered this one. Excellent gun – and it heats up way faster than my others. The stand is sturdy and positioned so it actually WORKs. I recommend this product.

  12. A. Furlong

    Simple to useThis little glue sticks works quite well for kids’ projects and seems quite safe. I have only had it for a few months. I had to discard my last glue stick because the glue had dried inside the gun and prevented further use. I am hoping this does not happen to the Gorilla Glue gun.

  13. Het product komt met een Amerikaanse stekker. Dit staat nergens aangegeven. Ik kan hem nu niet gebruiken in Nederland

    Verkeerde stekker!!!In de beschrijving staat niet beschreven dat het product een Amerikaanse stekker heeft.Ik kan het niet gebruiken in Nederland. Erg jammer.Verpakking al open dus kan het niet meer terug sturen. Ik ging ervan uit dat er een Europese stekker aan zat😭

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