Hot Glue Gun Kit, MONVICT 40W Mini Glue Gun with Fine Tip & 30 Glue Sticks, Suction Cups Stand & Anti Stick Silicone Mat, On/Off

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Color White Brand MONVICT Style Trigger Power Source Corded Electric Wattage 40 watts ✅【 Glue Gun Stand & Safe 】- Mini glue guns is equipped with a plastic kickstand and a 100% stable glue gun stand with suction cups and a silicone mat. That protects your workspace, never worry about your glue gun falling and…


Product Description

Mini hot glue gun

Glue gun Stand

An excellent project starts with MONVICT S808 hot glue gun!

Does your hot glue gun need a thin steel stand and fall easily?

  • Try This s808 hot melt glue gun with a stable stand, no more worries about falling and messing your project and burning your space.
  • The right way to use the stand base is to suck the stand first on a suitable surface to make sure the stand is stable, and then put your hot glue gun on the stand.
  • This is a very nice quality product and you get a good bit for what you pay. We highly recommend This glue gun!!

What’s in the package:

  • 1* Mini hot glue gun
  • 1* Glue gun stand
  • 30* Premium glue sticks
  • 1* Detail instructions
  • 1* Plastic kickstand
  • On/Off Switch Design
  • Heats Up Real Fast

hot glue gun

hot glue guns

glue gun

Heats Up Really Fast

  • The glue gun heats up pretty quickly and is very easy to use. The trigger barely takes any pressure to use.
  • Overall This is a very nice quality product and you get a good bit for what you pay. We highly recommend This glue gun!!

On/Off Switch Design & Labor-saving Tool

  • It has off/on switch. The small tip makes it easy to work on little projects when you don’t want a large amount of glue coming out.
  • Longer trigger makes squeezing glue very easy.
  • Designed according to the size of American fingers.

  • The gun shell is made of high-quality high-temperature resistant materials, with fine workmanship.
  • Absolute reliability, please order with confidence.

glue gun

hot glue gun

glue gun

Anti Stick Silicone Mat

  • The silicone mat on the base is a big plus. It will allow you to easily clean up excess glue and keep your workbench clean.
  • It will be better than any others you’ve used.

Suction Cups Stand

  • The base and holder are so sturdy! And the suction cups on the bottom took you by surprise. Push down on the base and the suction cups immediately took hold and didn’t budge.

Widely Used

  • This glue gun can be used in both industrial and household grades, is suitable for bonding materials such as wood, plastic, glass, shell, brick, paper, wicker, lace, cotton, fabric. It is also suitable as a gift.
  • If you buy it, you’ll find that you won’t find anything that doesn’t like this glue gun.

hot glue gun

hot glue gun

Important information


40 watts

Additional information







Power Source

‎Corded Electric


‎40 watts

Compatible Material


Part Number


Item Weight

‎1.11 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎7.56 x 6.22 x 2.56 inches

Item Package Quantity


Included Components

‎1 MONVICT hot glue gun, User manual and safety info (must read), 10 pcs mini color hot glue sticks 4 x 0.27 inches, 1 set of glue gun stand, 20 pcs mini clear hot glue sticks 6 x 0.27 inches

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

January 25, 2021



13 reviews for Hot Glue Gun Kit, MONVICT 40W Mini Glue Gun with Fine Tip & 30 Glue Sticks, Suction Cups Stand & Anti Stick Silicone Mat, On/Off

  1. Martha Makes Art

    It works so well compared to the cheap one I’m replacing! I just didn’t know what I was missing. The glue comes out smooth and easy. The glue does not stick to the mat. The tip is small so it’s easy to glue on gems and other small things. And the stand, I’ve never had one with a stand that works. This one is perfect. The entire thing is light and compact and easy. Yes, I’d recommend this glue gun! It’s perfect for arts and crafts.

  2. JerriD

    Love this glue gun! It comes with a good selection of glue sticks, an optional kickstand, and a stand with silicone drip plate. The best thing about it is no leaks and no mess! It heats up quickly and has a convenient on/off switch. When starting a new stick and squeezing the trigger to get the glue flowing, it will continue to leak even after releasing the trigger. But when actively using the gun – no leaks! Anything that does end up on the drip plate picks right off when cool. The only negative comment I have is that the gun sits snugly in the stand. This makes it difficult to pull out one handed. There are suction cups on the base to help with this problem, but since I usually craft at camp at the picnic table, the suction cups don’t work for me. However, most the pieces I have been working with are small, so I’m able to leave the gun in the stand when gluing them. This glue gun is a great size with long glue sticks that last thanks to very little waste from a leaking gun. Overall, I’m very pleased with this product.

  3. KATHY

    It has an on/off button and a very cool stand. I like to use it to create small intricate things and this fits the bill.

  4. SyniBella

    I would like to review this little guy so here we goShipping: FAST – I ordered it and it was in my hot little hands within 2 days. Condition of product inside box left a lot to be desired however. I get it 30 glue sticks, holder, stand, and gun shouldn’t need a bunch of packing stuff, but it literally looked tossed in the box. Moving on.Gun:Pros: EPIC STAND! Seriously I love it the most because the stand is so great. There are suction cups to hold it still when you’re taking the gun out or putting it back. I LOVE THIS FEATURE! It heats up fast, within seconds, it is not excessively hot but does the trick. The trigger feeds the glue smoothly and is super easy to use (great if you have dexterity issues like moi). It has Green IN USE light that’s bright enough to see.Cons: The orange cover that protects the full tip falls off, or at least mine does. When the gun heats up I’m guessing the plastic covering expands and it pushes away from the metal tip exposing the full tip and not just the very tip like most guns. This could be problematic for some. It is a small (mini) glue gun so the bead is small. Again great for crafting but building and making sturdy things probably not my go to gun for that. Another down side for me is the glue drips, this could be because of the type of glue they sent but I felt it was worth mentioning. Lastly, I’m not sure of the glue stick circumference. It says 7-7.2mm in the book thingie but they seem super skinny to me, so that could also be an issue.Glue: Now this is only because it was sent with the gun. 30 come with the gun set (20 clear 10 glitter). I only tried the clear and it seemed rubbery and not very sturdy or strong. Again you could probably buy a different strength of glue stick but the size may pose problematic.Over all I really like the gun. I would buy it again, and just not use the glue they send.I have an industrial glue gun that I’ll use to build and make epic stuff with.This little guy will be my diy/decor gun to make pretty and cute stuff with.And there you have it. The good. The bad. The ugly.

  5. Diana Loves Colors

     For a mini glue gun this is the best one I’ve used (my third). I like the mini’s because I have smaller hands and this one fit my hand great. I do alot of crafting on my channel and this one with the 4 suction cups on the weighted base doesn’t take up much work space when filming and also stays put. (no sliding around) And the suction cups didn’t damage my desk. The stand works perfectly. (I did not use the kickstand. Although in the video here I had a little trouble, that was my fault as I had it angled wrong. The precise tip worked beautifully as you can see when I glue that tiny flower to the card. It also had minimal drip and the silicon mat is a great feature. No more glue leaking and dripping. The long cord (about 4 1/2 feet) let’s me move around while filming too. I also filmed a full 20 minute review on my channel demonstating this glue gun. I whole-heartedly recommend this product for crafting or little repairs around the house. At this price I would buy it again as a gift!

  6. lemonboy411

    I really like the stand that comes with this. There is a silicone pad on the base of the stand that makes any glue that dripped easy to remove. The glue gun gets hot well enough to properly melt the glue. I used it to make fabric and lace flowers and it worked really well. I also appreciate the assortment of glue sticks that are included, both extra long clear and regular length colored glitter.


    I’ve used this A LOT since I’ve bought it. The heat level is good. I like the stand with the silicone drip tray.

  8. mimosa54

    I love this glue guns set up. Gun is light weight, the holder stand is sturdy, and the glue comes out smooth and easy. A bit too easy. It drips while in the holder and I’m not a friend of wasted materials. I read someone else was experiencing the same problem.

  9. Angy mv

    La buena calidadMe encanto esta pistola para silicon de buena calidad,calienta rápido,la recomiendo mucho.

  10. Lance T.

    Great hot glue gun! Upgrade from the hardware store one I had…I love this hot glue gun.The nice sturdy stand means that the hot tip is supported in a safe position, and no matter how heavy the cable is it’s not falling off my desk. The suction cups are not usually necessary but they work fine! The silicone drop tray means that all of the drips are as easy as picking up because they barely stick. The on-of switch means that if I’m doing several steps in a project I don’t have to reach behind my desk all the time to turn the thing off. Also generally a very good build quality and a pleasure to use. I find I’m using hot glue more and more for various projects for a semi-permanent bond or sometimes for filling gaps. Great product.

  11. WholesomeCoast Co

    Fantastic glue gunFits comfortably, light weight, easy trigger, comes with stand, on/off switch, decent tip, little to no drip, and is 40w. Also comes with bonus glue sticks which we won’t need, but that’s awesome.**If the glue flows out the tip like a river and you’re not squeezing the trigger, lightly pull the glue stick out. You’ve pushed it in too far.**

  12. Sandra Vinaza

    Es pequeñaPense que era mas grande.

  13. Carla Viviane Rodrigues Felix

    Perfect It works well and melts the glue too fast. I made my doll’s clothes with it.Now my Fairy Buddie Dolls are perfect!

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