Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit – 25W Small Size Stand up High Temp Hot Melt GlueGun Set with 10 Mini Glue Gun Sticks for Glue Gun, Fine

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Color Yellow Brand Chandler Tool Style Electronic Power Source Corded Electric Wattage 25 watts ▶ Stand up Base – Our mini high temperature hot-glue gun includes a patented removable stand so it never tips over. Your hot melt glue gun won’t tip over and stick to your craft mat – less mess, more fun crafting!…


Why should I buy the Chandler Tool CT25 Stand up Glue Gun? Once you experience the ease and convenience of our stand-up base, you’ll wonder how you survived without it! No more tipping and no need for an extra glue gun holder. This electronically operated mini glue gun has the power of a jumbo glue gun and will never run out of battery, unlike cordless or wireless glue guns, making this a great option for precision detail use. Although the CT25 with glue sticks hot glue is small and lightweight, it still packs a punch! It is the perfect companion for every project from delicate arts and crafts, floral designs, and hair wig making, to electronics work, to home repairs using materials such as PVC, wood, glass, or metal. In addition to being extremely versatile, our hot melt glue gun is the gold standard of glue gun quality. With a body made from top-quality impact-resistant plastic and an all-metal precision heating element, this just might be the last glue gun you buy. A defective glue gun is both an electrical hazard and a fire hazard! Beware CE-certified (Europe-only) & non-certified (yikes!) glue guns. UL-certification is the safety standard for products sold & used in North America. UL certification is very expensive & manufacturers are proud to display it, so if a product doesn’t list it you can be sure it doesn’t have it. Unlike most hot glue guns sold online, the Chandler Tool 25 watt stand up glue gun is fully UL-certified. Who is Chandler Tool? Born out of frustration with low-quality throw-away tools, Chandler Tool was founded with a single purpose: to create high quality tools that last a lifetime. Though many of our products are produced overseas, we are an American company, building tools to American standards for American customers. Buy with confidence. We stand by our products with American customer service and a lifetime warranty.

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Step 1: Before plugging in your Chandler Tool glue gun, be sure to insert one of the provided glue sticks into the back of the tool. Step 2: Plug the glue gun in an outlet and wait 3-5 minutes for the tool to heat up. Step 3: Pull back gently on the trigger to feed the glue stick through the hot glue gun. Step 4: With each pull of the trigger, the glue will easily come out of the nozzle. Step 5: Be sure to unplug the glue gun once you’re done with your project.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg



Chandler Tool



Power Source

‎Corded Electric


25 watts


12.5 Volts

Compatible Material

‎Wood, Glass, Paper, Plastic, Metal

Package Dimensions

7.32 x 5.51 x 2.36 inches

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Item Weight

9.5 ounces

Country of Origin


Date First Available

July 5, 2022


Chandler Tool

8 reviews for Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit – 25W Small Size Stand up High Temp Hot Melt GlueGun Set with 10 Mini Glue Gun Sticks for Glue Gun, Fine

  1. Kaylaci

    It is wonderful, no more drips! Enough said.

  2. Sarah

    Having the stand at the bottom is so nice and such an improvement over the flimsy wire thing my last glue gun had. I think the glue that came with it is a little runnier/stringier than what I had (or maybe the gun runs hotter?) but it’s kind of par for the course to deal with strings when using a glue gun anyway. And I didn’t buy this for the glue, I bought it for the stand part, which is great. I don’t have the gun constantly tipping over on the table anymore! It’s not as hot to the touch as my old one either so I’m not scared I’m gonna burn myself. The trigger is a bit longer and nicer as well, though I don’t have to push nearly as much to get the same amount of glue.

  3. JMF

    This is a great little glue gun. The glue does not leak, It comes out hot, very hot so be careful. Absolutely no problem changing from one glue stick to another. If, as some reviewers stated the gun did not grab the new stick, I recommend they not try to change sticks too early, make sure the new stick is far enough down the channel and that they pump a few times. I just love the stand. I cant see ever going back and using the old kind of stand we are use to. I don’ t lose this glue gun on my craft table as I have in the past with mini guns. I was a little concerned that the tip is flush with the heat protector, while I understand this to be a safety feature, I wasn’t sure I would be able to be precise with the glue placement. I had nothing to worry about. The tip got into small places just fine. I did fine that after using the gun for awhile some glue remained on the tip. This was easily removed.

  4. Tammy

    Like this glue gun because it has the base at the bottom to stand it up, but it is a little tipsy. It also has the metal stand you can attach near the dispensing button if you prefer that.

  5. astrostar

    I have used this glue gun for a few days now on a cardboard project. I follow the directions for a five minute preheat, and the glue flows easily and sets up quickly, but not too quick. You still have plenty of time for proper positioning. There is no dripping of glue; it only flows when the trigger is pulled. The base of the gun is also a stand and works perfectly without tipping over. This gun is ideal for my needs with cardboard. If I were going to do serious woodworking, I would probably opt for the full size model. With that said, this gun works as advertised, and I strongly recommend it as a mini glue gun.

  6. Bec

    I needed a glue gun for a single task – gluing ornament hooks to the tops of pine cones. I don’t do craft projects regularly (ok, never) so I didn’t want to pay a lot and I didn’t need a high-volume capacity.My issue: the ring that is supposed to grip the glue stick and advance it through the barrel simply wouldn’t move it more than 1/10 times I clicked the trigger. I.e., the trigger was useless on the one I got.Thankfully, due to the simplistic design and small size, it was possible to awkwardly change the way I held the gun, where I’d ignore the trigger completely, and grip the gun so I could use my thumb to manually push the glue stick forward, through the heating element. Viola – the glue came out hot and consistently smooth.I processed approximately 6 dozen cones this way, and the heating element worked pefectly every time. I used all but 4 of the provided glue sticks, so it definitely took more glue than expected, but I may have been a little generous, too ;)Bottom line, if you have any sort of dexterity issue this workaround wouldn’t be feasible, but for my purposes, and considering how little I paid, it was worth the inconvenience.

  7. Lauren

    Whoa, I’m beyond impressed! I do a LOT of craft shows and five days a week my glue gun is plugged in between 7 and 12 hours a day – it gets a work out. The last few I had bought were the big professional grade guns (thought that was what I needed). The mess, the footprint space, and the waste from all the glue dripping was driving me batty. A few weeks ago I had a class to teach and needed a smaller one that was more portable and ordered this little baby thinking I would just use it as my “travel gun”. First of all, the stand – if you haven’t used a glue gun with a stand before, you don’t know how much you will appreciate it. It’s astounding what a difference it makes to have NO mess on the tip of the gun. Second, the lightweight construction of the gun is wonderful – you actually get more control, not less. Also, there is no dripping at all, ZERO! So no waste, no mess, no need for a drip catcher which also saves on the space you need for crafting. The cord is longer than the other guns I’ve worked with which is a total bonus and every single inch of this gun feels well made and safe. The body of it doesn’t get hot at all. It simply does a perfect job of providing a focused application of evenly melted glue exactly where you want it. The only thing I noticed that could be considered a challenge (and it’s really not, just felt I had to mention something here) is a slight stutter when transitioning from one glue stick to the next. My absolute favorite feature is lightning fast heat up time. So my “travel gun” is now the only one I use, at home and on-the-go, it’s the only one I need. Definitely a five star product that I would heartily recommend!

  8. Kimberly Krusemark

    I purchased the smaller glue gun for small projects and the larger for bigger projects. Completely satisfied

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